Pasta Prego, Napa's favorite Italian Restaurant for over 25 years is located at 1502 Main St. in down town Napa. We are open daily at 5 p.m. for dinner. Reservation are recommended.

The new space is currently being completely renovated by New Owner Matthew Miersch. Located in the Old Rossi’s Deli building (most recently Biscuit’s) Matthew is doing the renovations and giving the historical space some much needed love and stunning upgrades including a new bar that wraps around the kitchen in the old Pasta Prego style. “People who have come in are stunned, It really is coming together nicely. “

About the Chef:

Marco Ruiz:</b> Grew up on a Farm in a small town in the hills of South Eastern Guatemala. He immigrated to the US in the early 80’s and started washing dishes for $3.25 per hour. By the late 80’s he was working in the kitchen alongside Donna Scala at Piatti’s in Yountville. On his way up he worked with many of Napa’s World Renowned chef’s including, Greg Cole, and Giovanni Scala. In 1991 he left Piatti to open Pasta Prego. The restaurant was a local favorite serving the best Italian food in Napa for almost 20 years. In 2010 the combination of the down turn in the economy and a lease hike forced Marco to close the doors.

About the Owner:

Matthew Miersch is 3rd generation Napa. “My grandfather owned a plumbing business on Laurel St – Pauls Plumbing and Heating” Matthew also owns Napa Homes/ a Real Estate company and Ridearoundnapa (wine tour company). He has been selling Real Estate in Napa for over 20 years.

“We always loved Pasta Prego. My daughter loved to sit at the bar with me when she was young and watch all the activity in the kitchen” “I just remember being really sad when I heard PP was closing” –Says new owner Matthew Miersch .

“When Marco did a pop-up for dinners at Emmy Lou’s we were there at least once a week. The location was not that convenient and the décor was kind of funky but it was great to have Marco’s food again. We became good friends during that time and I started looking for a new space for Pasta Prego. We just missed out on a couple of locations including the space in the back of the Browns Valley shopping center. When biscuits came up it seemed like a good fit. It is close to down town but far enough north to avoid a lot of the tourist traffic.

“I am sure we will get some tourist’s but PP always has and always will cater to the Napa Locals. I think our biggest Challenge will be keeping Marco in the Kitchen. He spends half of his time sipping a beer table side with customers”